WEST END BARES, the hottest theatrical fundraiser of the year, that benefits the Make A Difference Trust, is back once again for 2017 with two shows on Sunday 29 October at 7.00pm and 9.30pm. You’ll find this year’s show in the beautiful Novello Theatre in the heart of the West End. Venturing into the land of OZ for this year’s performances, Ruby Strippers, promises to be full of fun and naughtiness. Going from strength to strength every year, there really is no place like Bares! Collaborating once again with the West End Bares team ahead of the show next weekend, we got some of this year’s stars in for a photo shoot and answering some questions all about this year’s offerings and what we can expect.







Will is no stranger to the West End Bares stage, and he’s been popping up all over in support of this year’s show. He’s no stranger to taking his clothes off for a good cause either. “I’m not built for any sort of Fun Runs and Marathons so if I can help by taking my clothes off, then I will”, says Will. Currently starring as Chistery in Wicked the Musical in London, you’ll find him monkeying around at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Having received such a strong response to our dancer editorial with Will it was a no brainer to bring him back for our collaboration with MAD Trust in support of this year’s West End Bares performance. So as well as posing in just his denim, Will also tells us what keeps bringing him back to Bares each year and what we can expect from his choreography this year.


Will Lucas for CAJ by Nick Andrews


So talk us through a typical day in the life for you right now?

West End Bares Rehearsals, Gym and then a show at Wicked then repeat.


So for those of us who don’t know, start by telling us a little about West End Bares and what it means to you?

Mad Trust do really great work. And I’m not built for any sort of Fun Runs and Marathons so if I can help by taking my clothes off, then I will.


So what made you want to be part of the West End Bares experience this year? 

I’ve always had a great time with Bares and this year I get to choreograph my own number which is a challenge but makes it that bit little bit more exciting.


As a performer there are obviously times when you have to show off your body, is that something that feels natural to you and how does that differ with the bares show? 

Each year I come back I get a bit more confident with getting naked but it’s always a challenge. I love how at the end of the night you feel like you’ve achieved something.


You’re choreographing a performance for the show this year. Can you tell us anything about the number and what we can look forward to in it?

I’m thrilled to be Choreographing for Bares; you can expect plenty of flesh and lots of monkeying around.


What excites you most about the bares experience and keeps bringing you back each year? 

Getting to spend the night with lots of friends having a good time and it’s all for a fantastic charity.


Aaron Jenkins and Will Lucas for CAJ by Nick Andrews


Quick Fire Questions With Will…


Before the show I will be… in make up having a shot.


The last time I got naked was… I’m naked in bed right now.


My favourite performance I’ve been involved in was… 10th anniversary night at Wicked


My favourite body part is… my bum


I became a performer because… I love a good show tune


My favourite dance move is… the Casper slide


Something people don’t know about me is… I’m not always grumpy that’s just my face.


My guilty pleasure is… Donner Meat and Chips


I’m inspired by… my circle of friends


Right now I feel… exhausted




Aaron Jenkins and Will Lucas for CAJ by Nick Andrews

Model/ Performer: Will Lucas

 Instagram, Twitter

Photographer:  Nick Andrews

InstagramNicholas Andrews Photography

 Creative Direction/ Production: Craig Andrew James


Male Grooming: Katie Louise



All underwear supplied by 2xist (https://www.2xist.com)


You can get details of the show here: https://www.madtrust.org.uk/events/west-end-bares/ and book your tickets to see one of the West End’s most exciting and fun nights. Lions and tigers and bares! Oh my!