Sam Salter for Craig Andrew James By Travis Lane



Sam Salter is photographed by Travis Lane and styled by George Sanchez exclusively for Craig Andrew James during his trip to Los Angeles.


Creative and words by Craig Andrew James


“LA was amazing. I’ve always wanted to go, so when I booked my trip last June I was so excited,” says Sam. There’s something special about LA. It’s as unique as it is creative. “It’s so different to london. It took a while to adjust to the travel more than anything. People drive everywhere and I’m used to walking most places but it’s kind of difficult to walk four miles to a restaurant”, Sam recalls.  “I met some amazing people out there and can’t wait to go back out for round two.” Before he jets back for his second american adventure, there’s plenty happening for Sam back here in the UK. What better time than now, to steal him away from his busy schedule to talk all about that LA trip, share with you what we created and find out what’s next for Sam.



Sam Salter for Craig Andrew James By Travis LaneThe LA culture is so unique compared to anywhere else, is that something that you found whilst you were out there?

Definitely. I found the fashion most different in LA; people dress very casual a lot of the time. In London I like to dress it up a lot of the time but in LA it was very much trainers & trackies.


What was your day to day routine like in LA?

I’d get up, head to the gym, catch a cab to the dance studio, take a few classes then usually head out for dinner with some friends or chill at my mates apartment.


Being a dancer did you get the chance to do any dance whilst you were out there?

For sure! I took a bunch of classes when I was out there. A friend and I wanted to make a video because he’s a videographer but sadly I had to shorten the trip and fly back early.


If you weren’t a dancer and performer what do you think you would be doing?

I’d be a photographer, I am really passionate about photography. I’ve had no training, I don’t even have a camera but I love catching beautiful images.


Did you get yourself into any trouble (the good, clean, fun kind of course) whilst you were over there?

Who? Me? Never…


So how was it shooting a long day outside in the LA sun. What was that experience like?

It was amazing! The boys (Georgie and Travis) were a dream. The day mostly consisted of Travis doing impressions of my British accent. It was a six out of ten (sorry Trav). It was HOT. To be honest we spent a lot of time in the shade, so it was totally fine. 


Sam Salter for Craig Andrew James By Travis Lane


Sam Salter for Craig Andrew James By Travis LaneIt’s a real fashion focused shoot, is that something you enjoyed? Getting to play with the clothes and accessories and how that is different from, say, just standing there with nothing on?

It was lovely to shoot with clothes on actually (laughs). A nice change, Georgie was amazing. The accessories and clothes he found were amazing and so unique.


Your own personal style is something that’s quite important to you right? Is that something that you feel is constantly evolving?

It’s always evolving, I’m always looking for new things to try, to experiment and play with. I love dressing up and also looking at other people’s style and admiring that. Style is cool because you can make such an impression without saying or even doing anything at all. 


What do you think will be inspiring your summer style this season?

My summer style… who knows? I want to play with colour more this summer I know that for sure.


How aware are you that you are a bit of an Instagram heartthrob? Is that something you find flattering?

Heartthrob! (Laughs), if you say so! I mean, of course it’s flattering when people are nice. But I do get the odd mean comment to keep my head on the ground. 


It’s clear you stay in great shape. Is that something you think plays into it? Do you find it important to stay in as good a shape as you can?

Absolutely, for fitness as well as my work. I’m a dancer/model so I need to stay healthy and take good care of my body. When people own a business, they take good care of it; my body is my business so I need to do the same.


So now your back in London what does an average day look like for you at the moment?

A lot of dancing! Currently in rehearsals for a new show called ‘On The Town’ and it’s amazing. Come see it at Regents Park Open Air Theatre over the summer! 


Finally, where can people see you next and what’s your goals for over the summer?

Ahh potentially here, and potentially, if all goes well… somewhere over the big pond. Nothing set right now but I’m going to keep working hard and loving what I do.



Sam Salter for Craig Andrew James By Travis Lane




Model: Sam Salter

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Photographer: Travis Lane


Styling: George Sanchez


Creative Direction: Craig Andrew James