#Heatwave with Andrew Morrill by Tonio Milano

Model: Andrew Morrill

Agency: W Model Management

Photographed and Styled by Tonio Milano

Andrew by Tonio Milano 5


What’s summer without a heatwave? And Andrew has teamed up with Tonio Milano to make this one a scorcher. Andrew tells us all about creating this sizzling editorial and what it’s like working with such a renowned photographer.



So what was the experience of shooting like?

We shot this when I was back home in Texas.  One of my friends, Fred Schraub, allowed me to use his home for it.  Needless to say as you can see it was perfectly suited to the type of shoot we had in mind.  It was also the first time I had been fully clothed but asked to jump in a pool.  It feels a little wrong in a suit and tie – reminded me of my fraternity days.


What’s it like working with Tonio Milano and how do you find his process as a photographer?

Tonio is the type of photographer I love working with.  He had a clear vision for the shoot and things were planned.  His style is methodical but he also can think on his feet.  He and his assistant (also a big plus) were so easy to work with.  In all it only took a few hours to shoot all those set ups. 


The shots are amazing. What was your favourite look to shoot?

My favorite shot is probably the one where I am spraying myself with the hose.  There is obviously a little photo magic in there but I knew it was going to be amazing.    


There’s a nice mix of fashion in the work. Is that something that you enjoy shooting or do you prefer the more natural nude shots?

I much prefer fashion.  It’s a hell of a lot easier to shoot than body.  Body you have to be always conscious of how your body looks – from every angle.  Fashion is unsurprisingly more about the clothing so it is easier to concentrate on making a dramatic look or getting things right in your face.  I’ve done a lot of nude/semi clothed work and I enjoy it greatly.  But my body is my body; clothing allows you to be more creative and varied. 


How do you get yourself ready for a shoot and was there anything special you did to prepare for this one?

Normally I fast and dehydrate if there is going to be shirtless shots.  Unfortunately, this time I was so busy with my commitments being back in Texas that I wasn’t able to prepare in the normal way that I do.  Still the style of shoot was forgiving and luckily my underlying physical shape was pretty good.  Mentally it is not a huge struggle anymore to prepare.  I’ve done quite a few so I know what is expected of me. 


Any on set secrets you can share with us?

We had a really cute studio dog.  It was actually the home owner’s puppy but he followed me around most of the shoot.  I loved it. 


And finally what’s the one thing you’ll take away from working with Tonio?

That I want to do it again.  Soon!

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Model: Andrew Morrill


Words By: Craig Andrew James