10 Reasons we Love David John Craig and why you all should too.

David John Craig


You might have noticed David on Craig Andrew James a lot recently and apart from the obvious, there’s a lot of reasons to love him and why we even had a full week dedicated to him. In case you needed any more convincing of just how special a person he is we put together our favourite David John Craig attributes.


1. His Smile

We’re pretty sure there’s a Colgate commercial in his future. Is teeth envy a thing?


2.His Abs

Well who wouldn’t love those?


3. His love for Everyone

You’d struggle to find a man with as open a heart and as big a compassion for his fellow human. We love his embrace of the world and everyone in it.


You want more reasons? Okay…


4. He’s not afraid to be Naked

Being naked and vulnerable is something David takes in his stride. Not only do we admire his body confidence but also his ability to embrace himself as he is, and be proud of the body he has worked so hard for.


5. His commitment  to Creativity.

They say you should love what you do and David certainly loves it. Seeing such passion and driven energy is a big inspiration.


6. He can Sing.

When you listen to D.J. Craig’s musical offerings it is clear there is something special about him. Not only unique in sound but in message too.


7. He’d make one fine Painter/Decorator

Well who doesn’t like a man with some DIY skills?


8.His *ahem* Ass…ets

Although this is old we are sure his best asset has only improved since. Am I right David?


9.He’s Vegan

Vegans are hot. Oh and his commitment to looking after his body is pretty damn inspiring.


10. And again, his huge Heart

His message of killing hate with love is one we will always support.



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