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Talented, generous, unique. One of our biggest inspirations. And blessed with model good looks. 2016 has already been amazing for D.J. Craig and is shaping up to be the “year of all years!” There’s really no better time to get to know this amazing man. So welcome to #CraigCity week on Craig Andrew James. All week we will be bringing you a lot more from D.J. Craig including interviews, illustrations and a few surprises along the way. Craig City meets




He first popped up on our radar when he was up for a part in a Britney Spears video. He didn’t get it, but we knew he was destined for great things. You might recognise him from his appearance in the Christina Aguilera music video “Your Body”, receiving huge support from #FIGHTERS all over, who continue to show him love. He’s no stranger to big music videos, having also starred in “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd. Ever since, there’s been something quite inspiring about David and following his journey. And he’s a pretty good subject to sketch. We always knew David John Craig, or D.J. Craig as he is known professionally, was pretty unique but it wasn’t until we got the chance to interview him, and really get to know him, that we got to see how special he is. His looks are pretty damn special too. But despite his chiselled abs and toned body, it’s not all about appearances. He’s passionate about everything he does. His love for what he does and what he wants to accomplish has always been clear. He’s achieved so much in such a short space of time and things are only set to get better. So by his own admittance 2016 is already shaping up to be “the year of all years”, and we wanted in on the action! As #CraigCity week continues we talk everything from his recent Vegas trip, his body and of course his amazing #CraigCity support. As if that wasn’t plenty he even managed to squeeze in an exclusive shoot just for us…



David John Craig Exclusively for CAJ


I just love to be photographed. It’s just another opportunity to be a character and share myself.



Hey David! Been looking forward to having you on the site for a while now. How’s things?

Things are pretty amazing. 2016 is looking like it’s going to be the year of all years!


So were you always this good looking or did you grow into your looks?

I was forced into taking care of myself. I had to learn what that meant. I guess that really contributed to how people say they see me. It wasn’t easy, it takes a lot of work and sacrificing things most people love, but it’s worth it. It’s more about how I feel and how I treat my body, inside and out, than how I look to me.


You recently just spent some time in sin city. What was that like? Is it true what they say… What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? 

I was working! And I guess you can say I’m “sin free” lol. I don’t drink, or go to clubs, or do drugs, I don’t currently have anyone I’m sleeping with… so the most damage I did was eat BREAD and MEAT, well, fish to be exact. But from what I understand from people, VEGAS brings out the SIN in you for sure. And I guess if I were into that I would understand and feel that way.


You’re a bit of a triple threat; actor, singer, model. Is there any one area that you focus on more or that you prefer over the others?

I haven’t really learned to separate them, even though they all work differently. I don’t consider myself a model though; I just love to be photographed. It’s just another opportunity to be a character and share myself. Music and film both move me deeply and I’m excited for my future in both those things.


Was modelling something you always wanted to get into and how did you get started in the modelling industry?

I never imagined I would be “modelling”. I’m just fortunate that my best friend and creative partner is one of the best photographers out there. And we both love to create.


David John Craig Exclusively for CAJ


Being uninhibited is so important as an artist. Being ok to be “naked” (like completely vulnerable) is so hard, we’re all so flawed.


You’ve worked with so many amazing photographers, is there any shoots that stand out for you and what made them particularly special to you?

I spent two weeks straight at the end of 2015 shooting the content for my album with @voyeurized. Literally everyday we shot something. That would be it. Not much of that has been seen yet. But yeah… because we were shooting with the purpose of my music, that would be the one. And again, anytime me and #VOYEURIZED collab, it’s the best!


As a model there is obviously times when you have to show off your body. Looking at your Instagram you’re not shy about taking your clothes off, is that something that feels natural to you? Where does the confidence to show off your body come from?

It’s just a role to me. I’m actually learning to love myself, and get over my insecurities. It honestly started as an exercise in my artist development and I guess you can say he created a monster. Being uninhibited is so important as an artist. Being ok to be “naked” (like completely vulnerable) is so hard, we’re all so flawed. But putting myself out there to be judged or loved, it’s part of the job. People always tell me that “you post so many naked photos”, but it’s not even that to me. It’s a part of my experience of learning to be fine being seen. Flaws and all. My confidence in my body hasn’t come yet! I still cringe about things all the time, that’s when I have to tell myself, or my mentor tells me to shut up and be human…


You clearly work hard on your body; fitness must be a big part of your life? Is there anything special you like to do to keep in shape?

Once I became vegan, it all kinda just fell into place. Getting rid of all dairy changed my body 100%, it was crazy. That’s the main focus, what I put in my body. Working out changes, I actually have been so busy lately I haven’t had any time to do it. But my body hasn’t really changed from it. But when I do work out, I nearly kill myself. I don’t want to look unnatural or “jacked”. I like to stay lean and shootable. The camera adds 10lbs. LOL. I don’t want to see those 10lbs ever!


What’s your favourite part of your body and what do you find gets the most compliments on shoots and from fans?

Compliments on my eyes never end. It’s funny because for so long I hated my eyes. Other than that, it’s my abs. People react like they are the most ripped abs ever. I think that’s funny since I look at photos of guys and wonder why the hell my abs can’t look like that! It’s a never-ending thing huh? Wanting to have what we don’t and not really seeing what we do.


Are there any designers or photographers that you would love to work with and what would be your dream campaign to shoot?

BALMAIN! I would love to do a D&G campaign. But mainly, I want to be on every cover of every magazine in the world at some point. Is that too much? Well it’s true. And I want Tom Ford to make me a custom suit. Rick Owens, Dolce, and on and on and on…


What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to do as a model and would you do it again?

Craziest… Shooting with Dave Myers was incredible. He wanted me to be a clown, and really just make a fool of myself and I was completely nude! It was so freeing and fun; funny faces and bending and folding my body oddly. I would do it again tomorrow…



I’m just fortunate that my best friend and creative partner is one of the best photographers out there. And we both love to create.


When you’re not working what do you like to get up to?

TV SHOWS! And MOVIES! I’m an ADDICT! My DVR is stacked with so many shows my head spins. And other than that, it might be hard to believe, but I’m a homebody. I LOVE being at home with my dog. I am simple. I love being in bed by 11 at night usually. I love cooking at home. I love a simple thing like having a conversation over dinner about life. Sorry to bore you! 😉


You are also very responsive to your fans on social media. Is that something that’s important to you? Is there anything you’d like to say to them right now?

I don’t have any fans! My #CraigCITY are not fans, they’re my people, my supporters, my inspiration, my rock! Fans are weirdly obsessed people who you have to ignore. I’m sure I will have fans later, many. But now, I love the people who support me. And I love talking to them because they’re just like me. I want to say thank you! And I’m here with you and for you and hope that you never get off this ride with me. It’s going to be one you’ll never forget!


Finally, where would you like to see yourself career wise, and in life, in the next 5 years and what’s coming up from you that we should look out for?


Up for an Oscar for a film I’m in.

High on the Billboard Charts.

One of my TV shows I created winning an Emmy or two (or more).

Starring in a hit TV Drama.

Creating opportunities for other artists to do what they love.

Traveling the world on stage.

Happy and healthy.

Seeing the world love each other more and more with any help I can give!


Instagram: @davidjohncraig

Twitter: @davidjohncraig

Tumblr: davidjohncraig

SoundCloud: iAmDjCraig

Banner Photo’s credit goes to original photographer. Banner created by Craig Andrew James. Article Photos provided exclusively by D.J. Craig, shot by #VOYEURIZED