Feature Follower: Tom D London

Many of you may know him as the self proclaimed “male Cheryl” that made it all the way to the dreaded six chair challenge of last year’s X Factor. ” I then went into X Factor [last] year as a solo artist and got down the the last 15 boys at the 6 chair challenge”, he recalls.  But he is so much more than that. He can dance, sing and looks pretty damn good. Tom also isn’t shy when it comes to fashion. Or his body for that matter. But we love him for it. We wouldn’t have him any other way. So with his new site http://www.tomdlondon.com  having just launched this week, there’s no better time for us to feature Tom and give you all a better insight into his world of creativity.




Tom D London Illustration

I think performing as The Young Prince in Swan Lake on Broadway will always be a stand out moment for me

How did you get started in the work that you do and what background do you have in it?

I was a dancer from the age of 5. I worked professionally for a few years with numerous companies such as New English Contemporary Ballet and Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures. After this I started working in the music industry and performing in a band then as a solo artist. I then went into X Factor this year as a solo artist and got down the the last 15 boys at the 6 chair challenge. After this I started looking at what I wanted my future to look like and looked at my previous career and realised where I find the most joy is in creative direction/ brand management. So I am currently in the process of starting up a company to pursue this, as well as other little projects always tinkering away. 


Are there any moments in your career so far that stand out for you?


I think performing as The Young Prince in Swan Lake on Broadway will always be a stand out moment for me as it was my ultimate goal as a dancer. The show, the role, the company, the location. It checked every box and I will be forever grateful for that period of my life. Other moments, like performing at the London Olympics as a music artist, singing to Donatella Versace at the Vogue Festival, performing at Wembley. I have to say I have been incredibly lucky and I am always so thankful for the amazing experiences I have been lucky enough to achieve.


Looking at your social media, it’s clear you keep in shape. What’s your secret to looking so good and is there anything special you do?


I am actually incredibly lazy!! I hate the gym!!! I think years and years of strict dance training has naturally given my body shape. I walk a lot, i don’t really take the tube in London. I love the city so I like to spend as much time around it as I can. But in all honesty, I laze around and eat junk until I think I look out of shape then slam it for about 2 weeks and then slob out again.


Tom Davies


I grew up dancing around in a pair of pants and not much else and I’m not much different now.


It’s also clear you’re not shy when it comes to showing your body off. Where does that confidence in your own skin come from?


I think being a performer, I grew up dancing around in a pair of pants and not much else and I’m not much different now. I genuinely do spend 90% of my time at home in just a pair of pants and socks so if I’m taking a picture, I don’t purposefully strip off for it, I’m usually just scantly clad.


What’s your favourite part of your body and what gets the most compliments from others?


My Instagram followers seem to all be about my butt. I actually don’t like my butt that much, but maybe that’s because I can’t see it. My favourite part, is probably my hair, (is that a major cop out?)


Most people will recognise you from being on the last season of the X Factor in the UK. What was that experience like? Is music something that’s important to you and what’s next for you in that area?


The X Factor experience was a whirlwind. I have made some crazy amazing friends and met some incredible people and got to perform on some incredible stages and really live the life of a poster for 0.2 seconds. It was amazing, highly stressful and very emotional but amazing all the same. 


Music has always been important to me, I grew up with it. I come from a very musical family so its always been very close. The next step, will be more helping create and brand artists, I have learnt so much in being an artist but I really enjoy taking that producer roll and helping create something magical, so thats where the next step will be…… for now… never say never.


Tom Davies


I’m trying to stay as tonal as possible and play with layering.


What other stuff, when you’re not working, do you like to get up to?
I LOVE fashion. So this will always be a project I have going on along side everything else. Apart from that, normal things, I love to shop, hang out with friends, go out, I love movies and the theatre. People Watching; sitting in a coffee shop, just watching people go by and seeing whats going on in other peoples worlds i find fascinating.


You also have amazing personal style and fashion sense. Talk a little about what inspires you and how you put your looks together?


I love fashion. I always have. I try to stay up to date with the latest and upcoming trends and I look at fashion bloggers or style icons of mine and see how they pull looks. Although, I think sometimes, the days where I literally throw an outfit together, is the day where I get the most compliments on a look. The days where it is planned and constructed, it doesn’t get the reaction I hope for. Right now, I am trying to stay pretty casual and laid back with my looks. I love the Yeezy collections and the distressed looks. I’m trying to stay as tonal as possible and play with layering.  Most of this you will see when on [www.tomdlondon.com].

Tom Davies


If you could go back and give advice to your 18 year old self what would that be and where would you like to see yourself career wise, and in life, in the next 5 years?


DON’T PANIC! I feel like that is pretty strong advice, but i still panic now and i’m sure if you asked the future me what they would say to the 26 yr old me it would be DONT PANIC! But that is a part of life and I regret nothing, every mistake or wrong turn, I see as a lesson to learn from rather than something to regret.
In 5 years I would love to have my own company or at least be working towards breaking into it. 5 years is a pretty long time and a lot can happen, so where I will be, is a mystery, but that is pretty exciting!


What is the lasting impression you would like to leave for the readers?


I hope they feel that I am a nice person. I meet a lot of people who think that I am going to be rude or arrogant when they meet me, and i feel that this is the complete opposite of who I am. I’m actually a bit of a geek. So I hope that this interview has started to break that stereotype. 


Tom Davies




Favourite place on earth?




Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs always.



What’s on your music playlist right now?

Depends on my mood entirely. I am listening to the coffee table jazz album while writing this.



What’s your go to song in the shower?

Star Spangled Banner.



If you had your own band what would they be called?

I was in a band….. The Plastics … I shall say no more!



When is the last time you got naked?




Who’s your celebrity crush?

Pelayo Diaz and Eric Rutherford.



Who’s the best kiss you’ve ever had?

don’t kiss and tell.



What do you wear to bed?

To quote Marylin Monroe “Chanel no.5″



 What does it feel like to be you right now?

Pretty cool. I try and see the best in everyday and think positive always.




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