Model (and Fitness) Talk with Alex Crockford of #CrockFit

“The idea behind our Model Talk series is a simple one. Give male models a voice. Often male models are seen as the accessory in a shoot. So often they wear the clothes or front the campaign but we never get to know them. So why not change that? So over the next few months we will be sitting down and taking the time to get to know some of the top models in the industry and who knows what we all might learn.”





Alex Crockford

Alex Crockford for Adidas


From a young age Alex had aspirations of taking the fitness world by Storm. “For as long as I remember I have always been into all sports & fitness, which led me into going to university to study fitness & personal training. I quickly became a top PT in Surrey and then started to look towards my dreams of becoming fitness model too”, he recalls. Fast forward to present day and he’s arguably one of the UK’s biggest fitness stars. Okay, maybe since he’s trainer to Craig Andrew James, that’s a little bias. But his success has certainly soared. Despite maintaining a successful fitness modelling career, and personal training, he somehow found the time to start his own fitness brand…Crockfit. “This is a form of online training where people can follow 12 week guides that I have written, based on the way I have trained over the past years to achieve my fitness & physique. It’s amazing being able to help people across the world get fitter, healthier & happier”, says Alex who is as involved in the process as he was when it all began. You know when Alex puts his name on something there’s a lot of passion behind it. So what better time than now to get to know Alex as he continues his fast track to the top. We talk fitness, life and getting his kit off. Well when you’ve worked as hard as Alex on your body, you’d show it off too!




My dream is to inspire and motivate millions of people to fit and healthy, so I won’t stop until this happens!


So how did you get started in the fitness industry and was it something you always wanted to do from a young age?

When I left university in 2011 I as employed immediately by David Lloyd Leisure as a personal trainer and stayed there for 5 years in total, before became full time with my own businesses. Fitness is all I have ever known, I live & breathe it and always will.


And what about modelling? Was that something you always wanted to pursue?

I remember being a young boy and seeing these chiseled guys on the front of magazines etc and that deep desire inside of me never left! When the time came and I had just about enough confidence, I started taking action to make this happen and never gave up until I was that guy!


Do you remember your first modelling job? What was that like?

I remember various first amateur shoots for myself and my portfolio, but I will never forget my first few professional shoots! I think I got quite lucky with my first one – it was a running shoot for Mizuno Running so thankfully I was dependent on my physical ability and running style rather than my inexperienced modelling abilities haha. I clearly did well because the same brand flew me to Majorca the following summer to shoot their next campaign…


Are there any shoots that stand out for you and what made them particularly special to you?

Hah… The one I just mentioned actually. Shooting in beautiful Majorca was just amazing! It was special to me because it was my first international photo shoot and it was my first experience of what being a top model was all about! I worked extremely hard, but I will always remember going back to the hotel at the end of the day, sitting by the pool and listening to my favourite music and thinking… ‘wow! This has always been my dream, and now I’m living it!’ From that moment I was very grateful.



Being in fitness, you clearly work hard on your body and look amazing!  What’s your secret to looking so good and how do you keep things fresh compared to other fitness instructors?

The secret really is building the habits into your life and this enables you to be consistent! I wouldn’t be able to achieve my physique goals if I trained really hard for a week and then took the next week off, and continued this irregular routine. I have downfalls just like everyone, I love sweet treats more than you can imagine but my consistency can’t be faulted… it’s a routine! It stay fresh because I always have a motivation, for the next shoot, or for a casting, or for an event etc etc.  Not to mention I follow my own #CrockFit plans so having a schedule really helps!


What’s one thing that everyone can do that would help with their everyday fitness?

Just aim to move more!!! Walk. Take the steps. Wear a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps. Then make new goals!


What’s your favourite part of your body and what do you find gets the most compliments from clients or on shoots?

I guess I’ve been very fortunate to have been given very symmetrical abdominals! We are all built in different ways. So now it’s up to be to keep them uncovered and keep them revealed! That’s the hard bit.


Has there ever been any embarrassing moments happen to you whilst modelling?

There was this one shoot for Garcon Underwear… I am very comfortable in my underwear and showing my body however one shot was where I took the underwear off and held them in front of me… so basically naked. That was something new and probably something I wont be interested in doing again haha. You could find it on the internet if you looked hard enough!


What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to do as a model and would you do it again?

HAHA please see above lol.



I care! #CrockFit has a personal touch!


So let’s talk a little bit about CrockFit. What was the idea behind it and what is it all about?

Well in addition to what I have already mentioned, when I became a cover model and my social media profile was increasing, I started to get lots and lots of questions about my body and my training. I also felt that personal training, however great it was, was holding me back slightly as I wanted to communicate with a much wider audience. For these reasons I started to create a document that people could buy online, and this was the birth of the #CrockFit plans! That was in November 2015, and now I have various plans to help people across the world build lean muscle, drop body fat and feel great – the healthy way! I see so much crap in the industry and I love teaching people the right ways to be healthy AND maintain it for life, not just for a holiday! I have a plan for male, female, gym or home, so if you’re interested then please get in touch or visit my site.


What makes Crock Fit different from other training plans out there?

I care! #CrockFit has a personal touch! I have had so many clients tell me that they have bought a plan in the past and have felt no connection from the person or ever heard from after they signed up. I know that in order for people to succeed they need that feeling of support and community…


What’s the plan for Crock Fit over the next few years and what should we look out for happening with it?

I am still working hard to create all the programmes so #CrockFitters have enough training to last them at least 24 weeks or maybe even 36 weeks if they wish. We are releasing a T-shirt which could develop into a whole clothing range. We are uploading video content for every exercise to help everyone with their techniques… more support and help for success. Apart from making the service better, we aim to make #CrockFit huge worldwide! My dream is to inspire and motivate millions of people to fit and healthy, so I won’t stop until this happens! You’ll see lots more happening.


If you could sum up yourself and your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

Motivational. Ambitious. Unstoppable.



Quick Fire Questions



Favourite Place on Earth?

Is it bad to say the gym? Haha.


Boxers or Briefs?



What’s on your music playlist right now?

Happy deep house… is that thing?


What’s your go to song in the shower?

 Queen – don’t stop me now.


If you had your own band what would they be called?

CrockRock – obviously!


What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own?

A client bought me an amazing Bangladeshi classic suit.. I’ve never worn it.. but it’s spectacular.. one day!


What’s a top beauty or style tip you live by?

Drink so much water. And eat so much green veg = beautiful skin.


When was the last time you got naked?

Last night was very hot actually…


Best advice you’ve ever been given?

My mum said – just be you.


Who’s your celebrity crush?

 Scarlett Johannson.


What does it feel like to be you right now?

It feels like I have worked really hard for a few years climbing up this mountain, reaching the top was amazing. Now that I reached the top of the mountain I can see a much higher peak in the distance.



Model: Alex Crockford


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Words By: Craig Andrew James


Photoshoot photos provided by Alex and Credit goes to the original photographer.