Model Talk with Eilliot Clements-Hill!

“The idea behind our Model Talk series is a simple one. Give male models a voice. Often male models are seen as the accessory in a shoot. So often they wear the clothes or front the campaign but we never get to know them. So why not change that? So over the next few months we will be sitting down and taking the time to get to know some of the top models in the industry and who knows what we all might learn.”





Modelling was never something that Elliot planned or thought he would get into. Having grown up in Bedford playing Rugby,  a chance visit to a London modelling agency with his sister (who’s also a model) quickly changed all that. “She took me into the agency [to meet] a few people . I then had a photoshoot at a later date and they wanted to sign me,” he recalls. It’s all changed for Elliot now as he frequently travels to London for jobs and castings as his modelling career excels. So we thought it would be the perfect time to find out a little more about Elliot and what he’s all about.

Elliot Hill


In this industry you have to be confident.


You’ve worked with some amazing photographers and been in some good campaigns, is there any shoots that stand out for you and what made them particularly special to you?


Done some cool stuff in quite few magazines such as Elle, City Am Style, Evening Standard. Adidas shoot was cool, but think my favourite was a shoot I done for majestic athletic a while ago now was real good at some racetrack. Think the first shoot you do is always good to look back at, can remember how nervous I was. 


As a model there is obviously times when you have to show off your body, is that something that feels natural to you? 


I think it grows on you. At first [it] can be quite daunting but yeah now it doesn’t bother me at all, in this industry you have to be confident. 


You clearly work hard on your body; fitness must be a big part of your life?  Is there anything special you like to do to keep in shape?


Eating well is a key part of it. Of course I love a cheat meal (pizza is my fav). Having a Gym routine keeps you in shape.


Elliot Hill


What would be your dream campaign to shoot?


As a lot of models I would love to do an aftershave campaign!


Has there ever been any embarrassing moments happen to you whilst modelling?


Yeah for sure; almost tripping up at a show got to be up there. Also at a few shoots where I have had to take off my top on public streets. 


What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to do as a model and would you do it again?


Talking into a camera at a casting asking it to marry me. Was pretty cringe!


When you’re not modelling what else do you like to do to keep busy?


Rugby  training takes up a lot of my time also. When I do have free time I enjoy hanging out with my mates. 




Rugby players are not scared to get their kit off, anywhere! 


You also play Rugby. Is that something that helped shape you as a person and what’s your background in the sport? Any locker room secrets or stories you can share?
Met all my close friends and a lot of good people through rugby . As it is a team. Sport, it also gives you good values in life. Played pretty much every sport growing up. Had to decide between football or rugby and chose rugby. Rugby players are not scared to get their kit off, anywhere! 


Where would you like to see yourself career wise, and in life, in the next 5 years and what’s coming up from you that we should look out for?


5 years time hopefully be pushing on with the rugby and get some good modeling jobs along the way. Pushing for that aftershave campaign!!


 Quick Fire Questions



Favourite Place on Earth?


That I have been to. Caribbean. 


Boxers or Briefs?




What’s on your music playlist right now?


Justin beiber of course.


What’s your go to song in the shower?


Love yourself (Bieber).


If you had your own band what would they be called?


MLE (man Like el). 


What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own?


My Louis Vuitton  and Gucci shoes. 


What’s a top beauty or style tip you live by?


Dress for the occasion!


When was the last time you got naked?


5 mins Ago in the shower.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?


Take every opportunity.


Who’s your celebrity crush?


Alexis Ren.


Model: Elliot Clements-Hill


Represented by: W Model Management

W Model Management

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Words By: Craig Andrew James


All selfies provided by Elliot and exclusive to the Model Talk Series by Craig Andrew James. Photoshoot photos provided by Elliot and Credit goes to the original photographer.