Willie Gomez Bares All!

Willie Gomez Feature

Willie really needs no introduction. Having danced for some of the biggest names in the music industry, you can currently find him backing up none other than Britney Spears in Vegas, as part of her award-winning Piece of Me show. Hopefully you’ve already seen our previous articles with Willie where he revealed all about getting naked in the desert, and wet our appetite for getting to know him a lot better. Now’s the time for Willie to bare all about life, love and career and what it’s really like being one of the world’s most sought after dancers. Spoiler alert; behind that hot performer exterior he really is just the sweetest!


Willie Gomez


Since I first stepped into a dance class I never stopped. I fell in love with it


Ok so for those who don’t know, tell everyone a little about yourself?

My name is Willie Gomez. I was born in a beautiful island in the Caribbean called Dominican Republic. I moved to Miami, Florida in the US with my family at the age of eleven. I’ve been dancing since I was fifteen and I can say that since I first stepped into a dance class I never stopped. I fell in love with it since the start.

I’m also a completely different person than the performer. I’m very chill, sometimes quiet, can be a bit shy sometimes… I love to spend time withy friends, my partner and my family. When I’m not working I like to travel around and experience things with my love. These things fulfil me.


Was dance something that you always knew you wanted to do?

I remember since I was about thirteen or 14, I used to stand in front of my TV and want to learn the dance moves off performances and music videos. At home I used to love doing that. That’s how it started. Not only did I try to copy the moves, I’ve always been a fan of facials [expressions]… Performing! When I used to see that to me it meant they were really feeling the music. Almost as they’re inside the song. I loved it.


Was it difficult moving from the Dominican Republic at such a young age and breaking into the dance industry?

It wasn’t difficult. I mean I did miss my friends back in Dominican Republic but I was with my family and I knew it was the right choice to have a better future. I was given the opportunity to perform in a tribute on Latin TV in Miami within a year of being in training. It was for the September 11th back in 2001. After that I knew I wanted to do more of that. At the age of seventeen I was sharing the stage with lots of Latin artists and doing a ton of the big Latin awards until I was twenty-two. Then decided to move to Los Angeles as that’s every dancers dream to get to dance for the big pop stars. And here I am today… seven years later (smiling).



I love and appreciate everyone’s support so much!


There has been plenty of highlights to your career. It must be hard to pick a standout.

Yeah! One of the biggest highlights of my career was coming back to my hometown Miami and performing twice in the same year with Britney on the Circus Tour, in the same arena where I saw her perform for the first time in the “Dream within a Dream” [tour] when I was fifteen. It was such a crazy feeling. Nothing will ever beat that I don’t think. Also if you go now to the same arena there’s a huge poster on the celebrity wall of Britney on my back as I’m riding the bike on stage. Pretty cool (laughing).

The only thing that might beat that is when I get my own show and get to tour the world.


Is it hard touring all over the world or does it feel like one big adventure?

It’s awesome! It’s totally like one big adventure. You’re in a different city everyday sometimes which is pretty cool. You get to meet awesome  people from all over, try all kinds of foods, get to see all these incredible places. It’s pretty awesome… Plus I’ve been lucky that on every tour I’ve done I’ve had best friends in the cast too. We are like a big family on the road that’s for sure.



When I was cast for the Piece of Me show I just couldn’t believe it was happening. Another dream come true.


So lets talk Vegas with Britney. How did it feel to be cast in the Piece of Me show?

Yeah it’s been an incredible journey. When I was cast for the Piece of Me show I just couldn’t believe it was happening. Another dream come true.


For a dancer to be given a spot in one place for two years must be a new experience from travelling on tour.

Yes! I’ve been on tour since I was twenty-three. I wanted to be close to home for a little bit you know. It feels good.


So what’s Britney like to work with and is there anything you’ve learned about her you didn’t know before?

She’s the sweetest. Super fun to be with her in rehearsals and on stage. It’s good to see her close to home too and always being surrounded by family and people she loves. She adores those boys.



So what else would you like to pursue in the future? We’ve seen you singing recently as well.

Yeah I’ve always loved singing. When I started training as a dancer I also did singing and acting but once dance took off I stopped everything else. [In the future] I see myself being a successful performer.


What helps you relax and unwind away from the stage?

Travelling somewhere else with my partner is one of the things that helps me. I disconnect from everything for a little bit of time.


Is there any lasting impression you would like to leave for your fans?

I would like them to know that I read everyone’s messages and I try to write back as much as I can with my schedule. I love and appreciate everyone’s support so much! Hope to keep making everyone proud (laughing).

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