Model Talk with Dustin McNeer!

He may not have won but Dustin has certainly shaken off his “Boy Next Door” image and finds himself with a one way ticket to the top since his time on America’s Next Top Model. Making a name for yourself in the modelling industry is a tricky business, even if you are so good looking it looks as though you’ve been “painted” as Tyra Banks put it. Yet Dustin has already proven he has staying power. Working with some top photographers in the game, it feels like this is just the beginning for the young nineteen year old. So as his career continues to grow Dustin talks career, fitness and those leaked pics, and it’s all part of wanting to be on TOP!


Dustin McNeer


I’d love to work with Calvin Klein of course! But who doesn’t?

So most people know you from ANTM’s latest season, but for those who don’t, tell us a little about yourself…

Well, I guess to start, I’m actually 19. A lot still believe I’m younger! I wrestled for 6 years and gymnastics for another 6 years. I love traveling, modeling, and most physical activities! 


What was your time on ANTM really like? And is Kelly Cutrone really as scary as she seems?

It was a great time! It opened a lot of doors and I’m grateful to have this amazing opportunity! And she’s not as scary as you think.


Does it annoy you, that after your last episode on the show people questioned your commitment to the competition and how seriously you were taking it, and modelling?

It does not. I don’t usually allow other people’s judgement to affect me, especially if they don’t personally know me. 


Was modelling something you always wanted to pursue?

It was not. I actually was recruited by Hollister as one of their models, which led to someone referring me to an agency. So step by step it became a huge part of my life.


Do you think since leaving ANTM you have shaken your “boy next door” stereotype?

 I have. I’ve had the opportunities to shake it with more edgy photo shoots and I took them happily.



something that will always stick with me is to not let others put you down


What’s the biggest lesson you learned from being on the show and if you could do it all again is there anything you would do differently?

 I have learned a lot but something that will always stick with me is to not let others put you down and not to let their negativity affect you.


You love showing off your body, and I’m sure no one is complaining, but is that something you plan to continue doing?

I do but I’ll always be sure switch it up occasionally!


You clearly work hard on your body; fitness must be a big part of your life?  Is there anything special you like to do to keep in shape?

 I do work hard and it’s because wrestling has taught me to. I’ll continue with workouts that I’ve done with my team because it’s the best strength training and conditioning I’ve ever had.


What’s your favourite part of your body and what get’s the most compliments from the fans?

 Well I don’t have a specific body part that’s my favorite but I seem to get a lot of compliments on my eyes and one other thing considering the leaked photos. But it doesn’t bother me.


What’s been your favourite modelling work you have done so far and what made that particularly special for you?

I’ve had plenty of amazing shoots with great people but Shooting with Blake Ballard in Atlanta, GA, was probably one of my most beneficial shoots and I’m so grateful I had that opportunity.


Dustin McNeer by Ahmad Barber



Are there any designers that you would love to work with and what would be your dream campaign to shoot?

I’d love to work with Calvin Klein of course! But who doesn’t? I love their products and would be forever grateful for that opportunity.


Has there ever been any embarrassing moments happen to you whilst modelling or in life?

I honestly have no idea. I try to have a lot of fun at shoots so when something does happen it tends to be more of a joke than an embarrassing moment although I do take the job seriously at the same time. 


When you aren’t modelling what else do you like to do for fun?

I love exploring new places and meeting new people. Also lifting and wrestling have always been something I’ve loved! 


Finally, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time and what’s next for Dustin?

I have no idea! Life is full of twists and turns so I never know what’s next! 



Quick Fire Questions


Favourite Place on Earth?

 LA, California


Boxers or Briefs?



What’s on your music playlist right now?

Me, Myself, and I by G-Eazy.


What’s your go to song in the shower?

Hills by The Weeknd

Kissin’ on my tattoos- August Alsine


What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own? 



What’s a top beauty or style tip you live by?

I don’t have one.


When was the last time you got naked?

About 10 minutes ago.


Would you rather give up, sex or food?

Food over everything. I’d give up sex.


Who’s your celebrity crush?

Cara Delevingne. 


What does it feel like to be you right now?

Good, I’m grateful for everything I have. I feel  so lucky to have had the opportunities I did and I’ll be doing the most with them.



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