Christmas Quick Fire with the boys of Panto!

This year First Family Entertainment brought us “the most magical pantomime of all, Cinderella, and this year’s [proved] to be bigger and more spectacular than ever as national icons Torvill Dean [made] their pantomime debut as the Fairy Godparents.” Starring along side the amazing Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean in Pantomime is a tough job but someones got to do it, right? We decided to get to know some of the boys, who do exactly that, just a little bit better. It’s extremely time consuming working as part of the Cinderella cast but we managed to get them to squeeze in some time between shows to find out all about their favourite Christmas songs, worst presents and even who they’d like to kiss under the mistletoe this year. Christopher Jeffers, Filippo Coffano Andreoli, Alex O’Reilly and Nick Len revealed all this and much more. What a christmas treat it turned out to be.



Favourite Place to spend Christmas?

Alex O’Reilly (Alex)My favourite place to spend Christmas is practically anywhere as long as its with my family and friends as spending time with them is short and sweet and it’s just nice to give them presents on Christmas Day as you can see the smiles on their faces.

Nick Len (Nick)My favourite place to spend Christmas is back in Australia when the sun is scorching hot and you can be in shorts and a vest.

Christopher Jeffers (C Jay): My favourite place to spend Christmas without a doubt is Manchesteeeer, where I am right now, and will be this year.

Filippo Coffano Andreoli (Filippo): I’m Italian, so this is the second Christmas away from home and obviously my favourite place to spend Christmas is home back in Italy with a nice fireplace and the snow and lovely Italian food.


Worst Present you’ve ever been given?

C Jay: For me, I’m really sorry to my sister, but it’s going to have to be this pair of horrendous boots that she got me one year and they’re still in their box right now. That was about seven years ago.

Alex: Well I’ve never really been given a bad present but I’ve given a bad present before. I bought socks for my brother and they haven’t fit him and they were Christmas socks. 

Nick: I don’t ever recall getting a bad present ever.

Filippo: To be honest… all I can think about… is this pair of gloves…red gloves. As much as they were very nice I just never wore them!


Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe this year?

Alex: I’d like to kiss my beautiful boyfriend as I’m currently in love with him.

Nick: I would like to kiss my best friend and my boyfriend Patrick.

C JayI would like to kiss Tom Daley, Filippo, Alex and Nick. All at the same time (laughing).

Filippo: I’d probably say my mum. 

Nick, C Jay and Alex: Awwwwwww


Boys of Panto


Favourite Christmas Song?

C JayFor me it’s got to be “Oh Holy Night” by Kelly Clarkson.

Nick: Real classic, “All I want for Christmas is You”, by Mariah [Carey].

Alex: My favourite one, I can’t remember the name but it goes… (singing) You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot. Merry Christmas you arse…

C Jay: I think it’s the Pogues.


Favourite part of your body?

C Jay: For me it’s going to have to be…my best friend, he’s like a brother to me, he sits in me pants most of the day and comes out to play morning, noon and night (laughing).

Alex: My favourite is either my super long toes or my rosy cheeks.

Nick: Oh I dunno.  I like my legs. I don’t have to do anything to them but I like them.

Filippo: It’s probably going to have to be my big nose or my shoulders/arms.


Favourite Christmas movie?

C Jay: For me it’s going to have to be Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nick: My favourite Christmas movie  is Elf.

C Jay: Awesome!

Filippo: My favourite is The Grinch.

Alex: My favourite is Home Alone because all of his family come back to see him on Christmas Day.


Boys of Panto


What’s something that would put you on the naughty list this year?

C Jay: Santa’s not going to be very happy with me but I’d probably say I’ve been out a little bit too much and partied a little bit too hard but it’s a good thing. That’s the worst I’ve been.

Nick: My naughty thing wouldn’t even be able to be written down. That will stay secret for a very long time (laughing).

Filippo: Well I’ve been wanting to stop smoking for a little bit and I’ve never stopped smoking.

Alex: I dunno. I’m not really naughty really.

C Jay: Eating too many chocolates and sweets.

Alex: No there’s no chocolates on my desk.

C Jay: At the minute!


Dance move you’ll be found doing at the Christmas party this year?

C Jay: The bump and griiiind!

Nick: The roger rabbit.

Filippo: The body ripple.

C Jay: The Italian body ripple!

Alex: The two step.


Best thing about Panto this year?

C Jay: The chance to be at home with my friends and family and that all of them can come and watch the show and support us in it.

Alex: It’s my first one so everything is just all new and it’s all great so I can’t really complain.

Filippo: It’s great to be in Manchester ’cause I’ve never been before and I love the city and I think it’s great, everything about it. Also I’m working with great people.

Nick: My favourite thing about Panto is the people you get to work with because it’s absolutely crazy , the schedule is crazy, everything is crazy but you all go through it together. And being able to work with Torvill and Dean; it’s like watching history.

Alex: Absolutely!

C Jay: I think we also all love wearing our white tights don’t we?

Nick: I’m in my jock!


Boys of Panto


What’s your one wish for the New Year?

C Jay: I’m really happy ’cause I’m going into another show after this so I’m going to be busy but I wish happiness, health and success to all my friends and family. That’s my wish.

Alex: Can I have two wishes? One wish is obviously for everyone to be in love and happy for the rest of the year and also for Filippo to get a job.

Nick: My wish is that I will be able to come back to the UK in the New Year and not be deported from this country.

Filippo: I just wish the situation in Italy to get a bit better because at the moment it’s a bit of a struggle for everyone, for all my Italian friends.