The Warwick Rowers are back with their “Cheekiest” Calendar yet!

With the Warwick Rowers having celebrity supporters as big as Kris Jenner and Sir Ian McKellen, to name a few, it’s easy to see why their 2016 calendar is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year. The Warwick Rowers are back to tempt us with their biggest ever range of naked athletic eye candy.  As well as a stunning 2016 calendar with both full-page pictures and monthly planners, there are no less than three new films, shot in England, Spain and the US, a massive range of bonus downloads with over 2000 images, and a limited edition coffee table book that has sold out half its edition already. This is the biggest offering yet from the lads so we decided to sit down with a few of the boys and find out what it’s really like shooting nude, being part of the team and get to know the boys behind the bums!


Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar


Tell us a little about yourself, what you do and what personally being a part of the Warwick Rowers’ Calendar means to you…

TRISTAN: So we’re the Warwick Rowers, we’ve been making a naked calendar for 7 years now, although the guys interviewed today are in their first or second year with the project. We’re all undergraduate University students who spend the majority of our time rowing and getting naked! Personally being involved with the Calendar has been the highlight of my University experience. To be part of something that’s managed to influence people’s lives  to this extent is always humbling and it’s taught me so much about myself and the struggles faced by many members of the LGBT+ community. 


Lucas Warwick Rowers 2016


What’s it like shooting nude and is there anything special you do to prepare ahead of the shoots?

LUCAS: Shooting nude was pretty intimidating at first as it’s not that common to get naked in front of a camera to shoot with your mates but after a while it becomes very natural and relaxed and you start becoming very comfortable naked (sometimes too comfortable)! We don’t do much to prepare ourselves before the shoot. Hair is probably the main concern: we get a fresh haircut a few days before the shoot and we also get told not to shave our pubic hair for different purposes (artistic as well as editing purposes). I personally shaved my chest as I don’t like chest hair but that was up to me! Otherwise I can’t think of anything else really. We train everyday no matter what is happening so we tend to be in shape for the calendar shoot anyway. 


When shooting how are the individual shots decided and do you get to give your input when on set?

WILL: We have a very organic process when it comes to deciding shoots and potential shots. Angus (Malcolm) is the mastermind behind the operation but we do suggest ideas and they often work out really well! A few of the shots in the 2016 calendar have included ideas suggested by the boys.


Warwick Rowers 2016


What was your favourite part of shooting this year’s Calendar and is there any shot or moment you were a part of that was particularly fun or you are particularly proud of?

ALEX: I think the January shot of us in tree turned out great in the end. There was a lot of effort that went into it and we were in that tree for quite a while trying out different positions to see what worked but let me tell you, being naked halfway up a tree sitting on some rough tree bark is far from comfortable. On top of this there’d recently been a forest fire in the area and so we were getting absolutely covered in soot and ash which took a long time to wash off some of the more private areas. I think Angus our photographer will attest to the fact that we may have whinged [sic] about being in that tree for a long time, or most likely just me, but we got such a good shot in the end and that’s why I’m most proud of it. I guess you’ll just have to see the behind the scenes video tow watch it all.


All the rowers have great bodies. Is that purely from the rowing or do you also focus on other forms of fitness to keep in shape?

TOM: We’ll maybe throw in a few cheeky curls before the calendar shoot but we train 12 times a week all year so we are in shape all the time and we can’t really do any more training than we do already. Our training includes a variety of runs, weights, circuits, rowing machines and sessions on the water so we have a lot of variety!


Warwick Rowers 2016


Is there a particular part of your body that gets the most compliments from other people and if you could, is there any part of your body you would change?

WILL: Once upon a time I would’ve said my arms but they’ve definitely got a lot smaller since starting rowing.. All the cardio we do is bad for the gainz! I think if I could change something it would be my right knee, boring I know but its proving to be very problematic! 


Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar


The calendar has become famous for its association with Sport Allies and as well as contributing funding to Sport Allies, you hope the calendars will help get the message of inclusion out there. Is that something you think is important not only in sport today but in everyday life?

TRISTAN: Sport Allies’ mission Statement is: ‘To harness the power of team sports to champion inclusivity as a driver of success’, and that pretty much sums up my answer. It’s unfortunate that in professional sport there are very few LGBT+ role models, and we feel that this needs to change. Sport needs to catch up with the rest of the world and from there be a leader in tackling discrimination. It’s only fair that we have a level playing field in all walks of life, be it sport or in the workplace, and creating an environment that fosters personal development in this way is beneficial to everyone. 


Warwick Rowers 2016


What other stuff, apart from rowing, do you like to get up to?

TRISTAN: I’m a keen musician and have been playing the drums for 15 years now. I’m always looking for time to sneak in some practise in between rowing sessions. In the last few years I’ve started teaching the drums which is certainly a challenge but incredibly rewarding at the same time. I one day want to combine my two loves of music and naked calendars to make a funk band called ‘Hot content’, who strip as well as play music. That’s the dream.

LUCAS: Apart from Rowing, I don’t get up to many different things while I’m at uni as I am very busy with my degree and looking for internships. I love to go out with my friends and whenever I have an opportunity to do so, I take it! I also love traveling, if I could, I would just travel in my life but it’s a very expensive hobby! I also love to discuss current global social/political/economic issues with people who have a strong opinion.

WILL: Being part of the rowing team and balancing a chemistry degree means I don’t get much downtime unfortunately. However, I do like the odd night out – Lucas is proving to be a very good social sec this year and we’ve had a few memorable evenings already! Otherwise you can often find me on my bike on a long Sunday ride in the countryside or at home watching whatever TV series I’ve become addicted to most recently.

TOM: I like to play Tennis and I really enjoy watching rugby as I used to play quite a lot but I don’t have enough time to play at University unfortunately. When I’m at home I really like walking my dog in the countryside around my house and going mountain biking. 


Warwick Rowers 2016 Calendar


Finally, is there a secret you can share about any of your fellow Rowers?

Tom secretly fancies James Blunt.



Calendar 3


To purchase the calendar or any of their other 2016 offerings, click here.

“For the 2016 calendar, we want to show the kind of men we aspire to be.  Men who are not afraid to embrace people of every gender and sexuality, and to show our affection for each other.   Because we think that’s a message that everyone needs to hear.”- Warwick Rowers

Photographer and Producer: Angus Malcolm


The Warwick Rowers are @naked_rowers on Twitter.  Their Facebook page is at Warwick Rowing’s Men’s Naked Calendar and they are  @warwick_rowers on Instagram.