Exclusive: Christopher Jeffers by Mark Lister

Christopher Jeffers

By Mark Lister

Exclusive for Craig Andrew James



Christopher Jeffers is shot by Mark Lister for Craig Andrew James. Amidst the lights Christopher still stands out.


C Jay by Mark Lister


So welcome back to Craig Andrew James, how are you?

Awesome! How are you?


Good thanks! So what have you been up to since you bared all for us earlier in the year?

Recently been spending a lot of time focusing on acting and developing myself as an actor, writing a few scripts for some TV projects. Got offered another musical but decided to stay here and focus on what I’m doing, running the dance school and clothing label and I start panto in 2 weeks in Manchester.


Last time we spoke acting was something you were looking to transition more towards, so as well as writing some scripts, what else have you been working on to push that side of your career forward?

Collaborating with actors and writers, working on lots of small exciting projects!


Anything you can tell us about at the moment?

Nothing I can discuss unfortunately, not at present, but some really exciting things.


So watch this space basically?



C Jay


So before we talk Panto, lets quickly touch on your clothing line. What can we expect to see from that in the near future?

New designs are on hold at the minute whilst one of the directors finishes his cruise contract, but we have lots of ideas and designs ready to workshop and finalize.


So if you had to describe the clothing line in 3 words what would they be and if you could dress anyone in your stuff who would that be and why?

Sleek, Sharp, Neat. And I think Brooklyn Beckham or Ella Eyre would look pretty slick in Black Apparel.


What’s a design that is coming that people should look out for in particular?

We’re looking at a lot of prints and graphic design incorporated in our new styles.


C Jay by Mark Lister for CAJ


So lets talk Panto! Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to in it and how did it all come about?

So I’ve worked for the company before, they’re great! and this year [Jane] Torvil and [Christopher] Dean are in Manchester for their first ever panto. They needed dancers with skating skills so I was approached and asked if I was interested and I said yeah! My best friend is doing it too so it will be a laugh.


Are you nervous about putting your skating skills to the test in front of Chris and Jane or is it more of an excitement?

Absolutely! I’m used to quad skating and can do all my tricks on them so to transfer to [the] off ice skates and skate everyday with olympic gold champions is daunting to say the least!


How have you been preparing for the panto season?

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot just so I look half decent in the lycra costumes and also visiting the roller rink with my skates to get used to being on wheels.


Was Panto something as a kid you loved going to see and is it now special getting to put on something that’s almost a staple part of the British Christmas season?

I LOVED panto as a kid! [We went] every year with school! So magical and so much fun! It’s great to be part of it now as an adult.


C Jay by Mark Lister for CAJ


So you also recently shot for Craig Andrew James with the amazing Mark Lister. (Some of the shots are seen here in this interview). What was that like?

Amazing! Had such a great shoot! was really chilled and relaxed! and the pictures I’ve seen look decent. I’m always self-conscious about my body, especially being the only one in the room stood in speedos, so it makes a huge difference in a relaxed environment.


As you pursue your acting career, is that self-consciousness about your body something you think you’ll need to work on?

I think being comfortable in your own body is so important, and in acting especially! as it’s all about exposing yourself! You have to be brave to do that and being 100% comfortable with who you are and your body allows you to do that, and of course if any role required me to take my clothes off…. then I am semi prepared.


So what would be the dream role if you could have your choice?

At the moment I’m really keen to learn and develop as an actor so I would take on pretty much any challenge. The ultimate goal would be to land a role in a movie, even a smaller role.



And if you could pick a leading lady or man to act opposite who would be top of the list? Is there anyone you’ve always admired?

I think Eddie Redmayne is an AMAZING actor. If I could be a fraction as talented as him I would be happy.


Finally, if you were to be asked in 5 years time about your career and what you’ve been up to, what do you hope you are able to say?

I’d hope to be in a place where I can tell you about the development within my writing and acting career …and within myself.


C Jay by Mark Lister for CAJ



Model: Christopher Jeffers

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Photographer: Mark Lister


Concept/Styling: Craig Andrew James