Quick Fire Questions with Willie Gomez


Willie Gomez FeatureWe told you to expect a lot more Willie on the blog and we certainly were not going to disappoint. What better way to Break the Ice, before he bares all soon, than a round of quick fire questions. Sometimes you all just don’t realise how Lucky you are. Don’t worry we won’t Hold it Against you



Favourite Place on Earth?



Cats or Dogs?



Boxers or Briefs?



Best kiss you’ve ever had?

My partner right now might be the best kisser ever!


What’s on your music playlist right now?

Janet Jackson’s new album and Kylie’s new tracks on repeat and of course there’s always Britney.


What’s your go to song in the shower?

Hmmm (laughing). I don’t think I have a shower song.


If you had your own band what would they be called?

Trying to think. Willie and the Kids. I’m actually laughing. Of course I would be the lead (laughing).


What’s your favourite Britney track?

I have so many!! Let’s take it back… Overprotected “Darkchild Remix”


What’s been your most embarrassing moment?

Teaching a dance class and I had a cold but had to demonstrate for the class how it needed to be done and as I was turning a big chunk of snot flew out and landed on the floor (laughing) so gross… I wanted to hide under a chair.


And right now what does it feel like to be Willie?

It feels good you know… I’m all about hardworking and making things happen for myself and specially this past couple years I’ve received a tremendous amount of support from everyone that follows me and my career. This makes me want to do more and greater things. Thanks to them I know I still have so much more to give. It feels good to be Willie because I’m happy doing what I love and [it] makes me even happier to know that people appreciate me for it.


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Photographer: Kevin McDermott

Willie Gomez- Stark Calendar 2016

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