Willie Gomez Gets Naked and Sizzles in the Desert

Willie Gomez Feature

Teaming up with photographer Kevin McDermott, Willie Gomez has decided to make 2016 “a beautiful year”.  Though stark, the Californian landscape provides the perfect canvas for some stunning and alluring imagery, allowing Willie’s body to take centre stage. Dancing as one of Britney Spears’ principal dancers has certainly given him a figure to be proud of.  As Willie ( who by the way is just as lovely as he is hot) prepares to release his 2016 calendar offering “STARK”, we find out what it was really like going au natural for arguably his most revealing photos yet.



Willie Gomez- Stark Calendar 2016


So how did the concept of the calendar, to shoot nude in the desert, come about?

Well when me and Kevin started to chat about teaming up and working together we knew that we had to do something sexy but different… He mentioned about finding some great locations in the desert of California and I immediately loved the idea. When we got there we knew it was going to be showing some skin (laughing) but then we decided to play around with nude body movements on the dry salt lake bed and once we saw what [Kevin] was capturing then we knew it had to be that.


Did you have any reservations about posing nude?

The first thing I said was no full frontal (laughing)… Of course! I’m not ready to just show all of me to the world. I’m comfortable in my skin, you know I work out a lot and take good care of my body, so I was pretty comfortable in the shoot.


What gives you that confidence in yourself and in your own skin? Have you always been that way?

Hmmm I think the confidence in my skin has come with age you know. Also this is confidence in front of the photographer and the lens. I couldn’t do it in front of just anyone or a ton of people.


I also don’t want to be that naked guy on everything as I have a lot of other things I want to do and accomplish.


So do you feel with a shoot like this you have to put a lot of trust in your photographer?

Of course! I also wouldn’t just do it in front of a random photographer. I have a name for myself so I have to look after what I do and who I work with now. I’ve been a fan of Kevin’s work for quite a while so I knew it was going to be great!


His work is amazing! What was it like working with Kevin?

Yeah it is! It was awesome…Super sweet and professional guy that knows what he’s doing. I love that! Makes things so much easier.

Willie Gomez- Stark Calendar 2016

I’m a big fan of legs and bums


You obviously keep yourself in great shape but is there anything special you do to prepare for stripping off in the desert?

I always workout and eat pretty healthy/clean which is how I stay in shape. You know here and there I like to treat myself to eat what I want, but for example before a shoot like this I go ten days of no bad foods as I want to be in my best shape.


Speaking of being in the best shape, you really are in the best shape of your life these days. What’s a part of your body you’re particularly proud of and is there any area you’d still like to improve? (Not that you need to!)

Ohhh heh that was sweet! I can say I’m proud of my back and my shoulders (laughing) and I want bigger legs.


What part of your body gets the most compliments?

Well…My thighs and bum (Laughing).


What’s your favourite part on a man’s body? If you were looking for a calendar to hang on your wall next year, what would you want to see in it?

I’m a big fan of legs and bums, gotta keep it real (laughing). Sexiest part of a man’s body I think. You can tell if you look at my boyfriend.


So it’s fair to say that you spent a lot of this shoot naked. In the words of Britney, when do you plan to “Get Naked” again?

(Laughing) I think I’m good for now. No plans to get naked anymore for now. I did it and can say I’m proud of the work with Kevin but I also don’t want to be that naked guy on everything as I have a lot of other things I want to do and accomplish.


Willie Gomez- Stark Calendar 2016


Finally is there anything you’ve been keeping secret about your calendar, that you can tease the fans with?

Well my favourite image I’ve been wanting to post but it’s too sexy for my Instagram crowd I think (laughing). It’s April in the calendar… A lot of bum showing maybe.



To purchase the calendar, click here.

The calendar will ship in early December and all orders placed during the Pre-Order Sale before 15th Nov will be signed by Willie and Kevin.

Photographer: Kevin McDermott


Willie Gomez- Stark Calendar 2016


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