Aaron Renfree Bares All!

Aaron Renfree

He shot to fame as one eighth of the young pop sensation S Club Juniors, giving him a good grounding in the industry he’s now so successful in. It didn’t happen over night and took a lot of hard work. So how did it all happen? And what has helped shape Aaron into the dancer and performer he is today? If these are some of the questions you’re asking then luckily we have the answers and much more. Not only has he danced for Taylor Swift and choreographed for the Saturdays, he’s not done yet. With aspirations of creative directing and working with more artists, we decided there was no better time than now to talk career and life with Aaron, who’s just as nice and down to earth as you’d hope he would be.

Aaron Renfree



So how did you get started at such a young age in S Club Juniors? Talk about how that time was for you.

A school friend asked me to go along with her to the audition for the group. I went through quite a few rounds of auditions and eventually got chosen. It was originally just meant to be a support act for S Club 7 on their tour but then it turned into a pop band where we released our own music. It was a crazy time, being away from home, juggling school and work, but getting to do my dream job at such a young age.


Do you feel like starting at a young age in the industry was difficult or has it given you a good grounding for what you do now?

I think it can be difficult for some but I always wanted to do that for work so it just made me more determined. It made me grow up quicker and learn things faster. It’s definitely giving me a good grounding as I have so many years experience.


So has dancing gave you your amazing body or is fitness also a big part of your life?

(Laughing) If I didn’t dance I’d probably be obese; I love the naughty foods. But fitness has to be a big part of my life so I can cope with the dancing plus [have] the right look to get the work in.


So what do you do when you work out? And do you feel it’s important to look as good as you can in the dance industry?

Weights and cardio and I go to bootcamp when I can. I eat healthy and have a cheat day once a week otherwise I’d struggle without some treats. Yes very important [to look as good as you can]- at the end of the day you are the product and you want to be booked so you need to be on top form all the time.


Aaron Renfree



So is there a lot of work where you have to show off your body?

Yes, especially for male dancers, more often than not there’s always topless routines as we dance a lot for female artists.


So other than this feature when is the next time you’ll be taking your clothes off?

West End Bares. I’m getting naked for charity. Raising money for The Make A Difference Trust. West End performers perform different numbers through out the night and strip during them. Each year has a different theme. Lots of money is raised. (This year’s West End Bares is on 20th September)


You’ve done that before right? Is it nerve-wracking getting naked on stage or are you comfortable on your own skin?

Yeah I’ve done it for the last five years I think. It’s a great night and a lot of fun. I wouldn’t say I’m comfortable to just go out there and get naked in front of people. I have to think of it as more of a performance than just stripping, plus it’s the one time I’ll have a drink for some dutch courage before I go on stage (Laughing).


So speaking of you on stage let’s talk about your career. What has been some of your highlights in your dancing? Is there any particular moments that stand out?

Yes dancing for Taylor Swift. [It was] pretty epic. Also when I was in the band and we did our sell out tour. Plus I always loved performing on Top Of The Pops.


You danced for Taylor Swift on the X Factor! What’s that like being part of such a well known production?

Yeah when she just came out with Shake It Off- it was amazing. Just being around her and rehearsing was surreal. Then again it’s work and you treat it like any other situation and act professional.


So is there anyone in the industry that would be your dream to work with?

Well obviously the greats like Janet, Britney, JLo, Beyonce and Gaga. The production of their performances are always memorable. 


So it’s clear you’ve had a lot of success. What’s next? 

I really want to transition into full time choreography and creative directing. I’ve had a taster of choreographing doing the Saturdays for the past few years and it’s definitely something I want to continue, working with artists. I’d also like to have a dance school one day, maybe an agency and I’d quite like to work Stateside.


So what makes you love being a dancer and working in the industry?

I love that I’m lucky enough to get to do what I love for a living, with many of my best friends, travel the world, keep fit plus be creative and express myself. The job has a lot of perks. And I love music, it’s my life and so heavily involved in my job. I’m actually quite different from what you may see on the stage or see in photos. I’m actually quite a shy and nervous person.


Aaron Renfree



So is there any last impression you would like to leave?

Something I live by…. Don’t worry about the past, it’s already happened and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Don’t worry about the future, it hasn’t happened yet so why worry about the unknown. Just worry about now and live in the present moment.


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