C-Jay Bares All!

He’s hard working, charming, and full of personality. What more could you possibly want from your first full interviewee? How about model good looks? He’s got them too. But don’t expect to see him spending hours upon hours in the gym, it takes only two a week. He’s got genetics to thank for that. If you read our quick fire sit down with C Jay, you’ve already learned that it’s pretty awesome to be him right now and you might find him singing Beyonće in the shower, but we think it’s time to find out more about this dancer, model, actor and business man. He’s worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber, danced for Take That and has a love for Sister Act (but who doesn’t?). Get ready as C Jay bares all, literally, about life, love, career and the new direction he’s heading in.


C Jay


So it’s fair to say you have a lot going on. Is there any one area that you are more focussed on? And how did it all start for you?

Started when I was seven. My father made me go to acting class and I absolutely loved it. Did that for a few years and filmed for TV shows like Shameless, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road. Then at 14 I fell into dance by accident after my friend asked me to replace someone in a show and it took off from there. I was awarded a scholarship to train at Midlands Academy in Nottingham and after graduating I’ve travelled the world with jobs.

Dancing and musical theatre has been my main focus up until recently where I’m changing paths slightly to head into television and theatre acting.


I guess starting so young helped you gain a lot of experience? Has that helped you through your career so far?

Yeah definitely! Starting young has helped a lot! It’s improved my confidence and allowed me ample time to build my technique and skills.


So was it dance that helped you get that amazing body? Or is fitness also a big part of your life?

(Laughing) to be honest I think it’s genetic. I’ve always had abs no matter what I do or eat! That being said its so hard to build or put on weight so the past few years I have really got into the gym and building muscle so I can achieve a physique that’s sort of aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoy working  out and nutrition swell. So it’s not like its a chore.


C Jay


You have a sick body for it all to be genetics so I think for us it’s good to know you still have to put some work in, in the gym. What do you do when you work out?

When I’m on it I work out four times a week, thirty minutes at a time! So only two hours a week. I’ll do chest one day, back, legs and shoulders and abs! Everything I do is written down so the next week I can run in and know exactly what I need to lift and do. Then just make sure I eat properly and get a decent sleep and I grow.


C Jay


Do you feel with the work you’ve done, or the fact that your trying to move into TV and theatre acting, there is a pressure for you to look as good as you can?

Hmmmm. There’s always a pressure I think. In everyday life but more so in the Industry I work in! Lets face it most of us like looking at sexy people! It’s fun! Last week I was in the final stages of an audition for a musical and all the boys were asked to take their tops off! That was part of the deciding who gets the contract. So I’m always aware of my body and can’t let it get too bad! Plus the better my body looks the better I feel. Though you are in danger of never being happy with what you see.


So that answers my next question (sort off). Apart from this when was the last time you got naked?

(Laughing) Apart from to take a shower?



Last week to make love.


So I guess with modelling you need to have confidence in your body?

I don’t think anyone in the world is 100% happy with their body. I never am, but yeah I’m confident enough to take my top off on the beach.


Is showing skin for work and showing it in your everyday life different?

(Laughing) It’s different as I don’t decide how and when it is shown! And I get paid to do it!


Is there anything you wouldn’t be comfortable doing for a role or modelling job?

Not anything I can think of. I’m a pretty open person and a bit of an exhibitionist. All my friends have seen ALL of me.


C Jay


So do you still find time for love in your busy schedule?

It’s hard as I’m everywhere all the time and really busy but there’s times when its possible to make it work.


And would you say you’ve found it just now or are you still looking?

I recently came out of a relationship last November, so right now I’m not looking to rush into a relationship. I’m still learning a lot about myself and have growing up to do.


It’s interesting to hear you say that. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time? What’s the goal?

(Laughing) Well I’m very care free and don’t plan too much and just try to enjoy the roller coaster of life. I guess my main goal is to be happy. That’s the most important thing. If I am as happy in five years from now as I am now, then all is great. I’d love to keep achieving success in my career and see more of the world.


C Jay


Speaking of your success, if you had to pick some highlights from your careers so far is there anything that stands out?

Performing for Andrew Lloyd Webber in one of his musicals and meeting him after was absolutely unreal, meeting my best friends through different jobs and getting to travel the world with them and opening the Brit Awards with Take That at the O2 arena was awesome too.


With success does that also bring happiness? Or is it the love of what you do?

Yeah it’s the love of what I do that makes me happy and that I’m so lucky to be able to make a living from my hobby.


I get the feeling there is so much to you career that we have only just scratched the surface.

It’s been an amazing six years (laughs).


Seemingly your enjoying great success in dance and musicals. Why choose now to transition into TV  and theatre acting as well?

I kind of fell into musicals. I’m not a singer but somehow I’ve achieved moderate success in stage shows and musicals. Acting is what I have a real passion for! I absolutely love it! So I’m currently training at the Manchester School of Acting and it’s opening my eyes even more.


Did you grow up watching any actors or were particularly inspired by any specific acting moments that you recall?

I used to love Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 1 and 2.


What actors inspire you today?

Sarah Lancashire I think is amazing. Some of the performances in the film precious. Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything.


Do you feel it’s important to always find inspiration in other talents?

It helps and it can teach you a lot. Help you find yourself a bit. It’s great to have opinion on other actors performances! Good and bad.


I’m sure there are big things ahead for you.

Thank you, I hope so also.


C Jay


So we’ve learned a lot about you and your professional life. When your not working what do you enjoy?

I love food! Cooking. Gym. Travelling and partying with friends! Went to Las Vegas with them the week before last and that was immense. Chilling out. Sunshine. Music. Shopping!! Tattoos!


If someone starting out in the industry came to you for advice what is the one thing you’d want them to know?

Don’t let anybody put you down or make you feel crap about yourself! Be happy! Be nice! Laugh everyday and work hard!


And as we come to the end of our time what’s the lasting impression you’d like to leave?

(Laughing) I hope my buns are a lasting impression in people’s minds.


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