Quick Fire Questions with C-Jay


He’s kissed a pop star and he liked it and doesn’t take things in his busy life too seriously. As the Model, Dancer, Actor and Business owner prepares for new and exciting ventures, we manage to tear him away from his hectic schedule for a quick fire round of questions.


So what’s your favourite place on earth?

New York.


First Tattoo?

Tiny tiny star on my right side.


Boxers or Briefs?



Who is the best kiss you ever had?

(Laughing) I once kissed a pop star and that was probably the best! I can’t say who though…


What’s on your music playlist right now?

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Lion Babe and Sam Smith.


What’s your go to song in the shower?

Beyoncé – Grown Woman or Ariana Grande – Break Free.


If you had your own band what would they be called?

Soup or Cherry Trifle.


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

I was very very drunk and mid sex went to the toilet! On the way back I went into the wrong bedroom and got into bed with their mother! Completely naked and still aroused.

Good job I don’t take anything seriously.


What’s your favourite item of clothing you own?

My personalised Nike trainers that I designed.


What’s your biggest inspiration?

My Parents! I really respect where they’ve come from to where they are today! Their honesty and selflessness and their ability to keep both my feet firmly on the ground.


And right now what does it feel like to be C-Jay?

(Laughing) Awesome!!


Intrigued? Then get to know more about the lovely C-Jay in his stand-alone feature coming VERY soon. If like me, you can’t get enough C-Jay, then head on over to his twitter and instagram