Dancer’s Body: Mark Andrew Robson

If you all loved the first of the Dancer’s Bodies then take a look at the second; the amazing body of Mark Andrew Robson. Mark really showed off the strength in his body and it was an honour to capture his moves in these illustrations. Not to mention he’s been great to connect with. Take a look at them and learn more about Mark below.

Mark Andrew Robson

Mark Andrew Robson

Mark Andrew Robson


About Mark…

Mark started dancing really late in comparison to most dancers, enrolling in the performing arts course at his local college when he was 17. Since then he has been to stage school, worked at Paris and Tokyo Disney, various cruises and he has also done some commercial work. He models too, and you can see why with his looks!

Mark loves dance “because you get to express yourself in a challenging and fun way. I also love the physical activity involved and I am always wanting to learn and do more.”

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