Dancer’s Body: Callum Aylott

So excited to be finally sharing the first of many Dancers’ Bodies and what better way to start than with the amazing body of Callum Aylott. Callum showed his creative side with this and it was amazing to capture his moves in these illustrations. Check them out and more about Callum below.

Callum Aylott

Callum Aylott

Callums Aylott

Callum Aylott



 About Callum…

Callum started dancing at 13 and started competing from the age of 15. He auditioned for dance college at 21, which was late compared to most, but dancing was always a hobby for him! He is now so glad he went to college and has learnt so much to turn him into the professional he is today!

Callum loves dancing because “you’re always constantly learning and will never know everything which keeps me on my toes, literally!!

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